The GPS system that is as familiar to us as our motor vehicles is taken for granted as it is used in so many areas of our busy lives. We input the data of our destination into our mobile GPS, at the same time as putting the radio on in the car.

It was based on the old ground-based radio navigation system like Decca Navigation during WWII, and was used by the British Royal Navy. These systems had obvious limitations and were inadequate for tracking the time and locations of vehicles, ships and planes.

After Russia launched the first satellite – Sputnik, the race was on and the Americans did likewise. It was further developed for military use by the United States Department of Defense to steer their ballistic missiles. It was the advent of the Cold War that convinced the US State Department to invest in the expense of developing them further. It was invaluable as a military defense system and was soon adopted by Russia, China, France and every other country in the world.

The whole satellite tracking and triangulating system is based on the theories of physics and astronomy with mathematically accurate calculations, using a number of satellites orbiting the earth. The signals would be bounced from one to the other, from earth to satellite and back to earth again and can pinpoint the tiniest movement of a vehicle or even man.

It is so accurate that not even adverse weather conditions can send the signals off course and continues to provide critical information to military, commercial and even civilian users world-wide. There is now a whole constellation of satellites constantly monitoring, tracking and providing information and they are known collectively as Navstar or Navstar-GPS.

It was only after the Korean Boeing 747 was shot down in 1983, after accidentally straying into Russian airspace and killing all passengers on board, that President Ronald Reagan made the GPS system freely available to all, for the common good.

Galileo Satellite Control Systems uses the precision technology and business intelligence to customize your services and provide solutions to your particular needs. Whether it is fleet management, agricultural uses, trucking or transportation, our GPS servers guarantee you a 99.9% up-time.

We can integrate our system into your existing system or provide you with a new server and devices, and have you trained and up and running in double-quick time. All your GPS tracking needs will be met and maintained for the length of your contract.

You can use our GPS on your mobile devices wherever you are in the world, to keep an eye on your fleet or even on the devices! The uses are unlimited and we have the solution to all your needs.

When the vehicle returns to base, the information is manually downloaded, the recorder cleaned of data and reinstalled, ready for the next trip. It does exactly the same thing as the Active GPS except it is not dependent on a satellite.

This is not the best way to go, because you have to have the actual vehicle in your possession to download the data – so what do you do if your vehicle is stolen?

There is no doubt about it, a satellite GPS – Global Positioning System, tracking and monitoring your fleet is the safest and most cost effective way to hold onto your valuable assets.

Just like Star Trek exploring unknown space, so people are using this technology in the most creative and innovative ways in their businesses.

– Luxury hotels are tracking their Courtesy Vehicles so that they can ensure the Welcome Mat is out for their VIP’s on arrival.

– Marine biologists are tagging sharks with GPS monitors so that life guards will know if the shark is too close to shore.

– The FBI uses tracking devices in bundles of cash in case of a bank robbery and the police put them into dummy bottles of drugs for popular non-prescription drug thefts.

– They are being used on collars and harnesses of household pets in case they go missing or if they are in the habit of stealing the neighbor’s pet’s food.

– GPS monitors are also being used on children and the elderly and especially for people with Alzheimer’s. If they are not in institutions, they can easily get lost as their memories fade in and out.

Whatever you want to use your GPS for, Galileo-Philippines offer you a comprehensive, hardware-independent and customize-able solution, which uses scale-able web-based software. All your vehicles and devices can be monitored from anywhere in the world, in real time.

You will have real cost savings, improved productivity and peace of mind, knowing that your assets are in safe hands. We offer the best value, using state-of-the-art technology and a transparency that will keep you fully informed at all times.

You will have better customer service; gain the reputation of always knowing the whereabouts of your delivery vehicles; never having food go off in the refrigeration trucks or over-watering your crops. Yes, they can even monitor the computerized agricultural machinery for optimum usage.

There is no limit to what these systems can do and Galileo Satellite Control Systems will do it for you!

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