GPS tracking is inspired by the radio navigation systems that were developed and used in the Second World War. The U.S. Navy successfully tested and used the first satellite navigation system in 1960 and numerous technological advancements have emerged since then. One of the uses of GPS tracking is fleet tracking, which allows you to monitor the location and movement of your cars, trucks, ships, and airplanes. The small, medium, and large multinational corporations benefit from the installation of GPS trackers in their fleet.

Galileo Satellite Control Systems can help you in several areas of managing your fleet.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Once you hand over the keys to your truck to your driver, you have minimal control over what the driver does and may fall victim of asset mismanagement. Installing GPS trackers in your fleet enable you to track the movement of each truck and budget accurately for the fuel expenses. The tracker discourages the driver to ply unauthorized routes or misuse fuel. This significantly lowers the operation costs of running your fleet.

Savings on Insurance Expenses

Real-time GPS tracking reduces the risk of vehicle theft and misuse. You can monitor the speed of the vehicle as well as its physical location right at the comfort of your own office. Since the installation of the real-time GPS trackers enhances the safety and security of your fleet, the insurance provider considers you less risky and thus offers you a discount on the insurance premium.

Optimize the Use of Your Assets

Since Real-time GPS tracking enables you to supervise the movement of your fleet, it enhances the efficiency of your operations. Through GPS tracking, you can estimate the required time to make a delivery as well as the amount of fuel required. It enables you to plan effectively and thus enhances the use of your assets, which results in success of your business.

Minimize Idle Time

Real-time GPS trackers give you the precise location of your vehicle. It also indicates whether the vehicle is in motion, or idling. GPS tracking discourages your drivers from taking unnecessarily long breaks on the route, which saves time. This facilitates maximum use of your vehicle.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Monitoring your fleet using Real-time GPS tracking allows you to control the speed and time taken to deliver your goods to your clients. This enables you to give the customers the exact time they should expect your products. It allows you to minimize the idle time that facilitates timely delivery of goods to your customers. This boosts the customer satisfaction consequently increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Improves Financial Management

GPS fleet tracking provides accurate data on the time and route plied by your vehicles. This data is useful for assessing the fuel expenses and increases the accountability of your drivers. Also, it discourages the misuse of your assets since the drivers are discouraged from engaging in personal and unauthorized activities.

Reduces Your Labor Costs

The transportation costs include not only the fuel expenses but also labor costs. The wages of drivers are one of the significant distribution costs to any business. Since, GPS tracking allows you to minimize idle time; you save on the labor hours. Tracking deters your drivers from engaging in unnecessary activities since they know that the management is monitoring the movement of the truck. This enhances the productivity of labor and consequently widens the gap between revenue and labor costs.

Enhances Security of Your Fleet

Since the GPS tracking system allows you to supervise the movement and location of your truck, it lowers the probability of vehicle theft. When the truck is stolen, you can locate it quickly and inform the police immediately. This thus enhances the security of your fleet and limits the chances of suffering financial losses due to vehicle theft.

Maximizes Safety of Your Fleet

The modern GPS fleet tracking systems provide direct support to your vehicles. It guides the driver to the correct destination. The tracking systems facilitate two-way communication between the dispatcher and the driver that enhances the safety of your fleet and transit goods. Also, the GPS tracking enables you to monitor the speed of trucks, which improves the responsibility of your drivers since they are compelled to drive within the speed limits.

Increases Your Competitive Advantage

Through the installation of real-time GPS fleet tracking systems, you can plan and develop a delivery system that takes the lowest time to reach the customers. Also, GPS tracking boosts the accuracy of the information about delivery of goods that you submit to your clients. This enhances the customer satisfaction. Tracking leads to savings on the labor and operation expenses that enable you to charge lower prices that increase the market demand for your commodities. Therefore, installing fleet GPS tracking systems allows you to compete against your rivals.

Time Card Verification

GPS fleet management system has records of the departure and arrival times of your drivers. This aids in monitoring the labor hours that boosts accounting for wages. It also enables you to monitor the time taken to make a delivery, which allows you to evaluate the performance of your drivers.


The installation of GPS fleet tracking systems boosts the success of your business. It reduces the fuel costs and improves the accountability of drivers on the fuel consumption. It allows you to reduce insurance expenses and tighten the security of your trucks. GPS tracking gives you a competitive advantage by enabling timely delivery of goods to your customers. The financial savings can be translated into lower prices for your products that enable you a business owner to succeed.

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